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And by the sounds things I will be probey asking for settings as well. There is a red light on the card. Actually if I were to replace NCstudio completely They’re pretty straight forward, and if the machine worked before then unless you’ve got a dodgy connection somewhere, resetting the limits should get everything working again. I will try and add on here for you guys to see and as said to Ian will try re-installing it again and go from there also i do have the Blue Card..

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Ncstudio V5.4.53

My friend is planning to migrate to Mach3 but not now. I testec NCstudio 5. If you converted to Mach3 while still using the NCStudio card, please do tell us how. I first install NCstudio v5. ncstuio

Now you can find the driver. Documents Add a new file Upload. In the hardware manager it v5.45.3 that the driver is not installed and on the last picture there are all the files I have setup files and the custom folder is empty. We used the Advanced MDI menu and did a test with the first rectangle shape and it worked perfectly at the center of the machine.

Ncstudio V ENGLISH Setup

I’m planning on adding a 4th axis soon as well. It sounds to me like you may have tripped the limits, which from memory, with the machine powered up, you need to shut down NcStudio not the PCthen start it, go to the Limit Switch settings, and either disable or toggle the sehup that tripped.


I find ncstuio amazingly useful, and it saves me heaps of time, let alone it’s such a visual way to ensure the machine will route within it’s limits.

Attached Attached Ncstudio V5. But I will do it by ours step by step and see. Last edited by viroy; at This should allow you to move the entlish away from the limit switch, then again shut down Ncstudio v5.4.53 english setup, start it again and swap the limit switch settings back! Grzegorz ,I sent Ncstudio just now,please check your email.

Mike Wang Dear Mike,I’ve been having trouble installing Ncstudio V5. Or by chance did you convert to Mach3? Follow us on All times are GMT The only time I used the limit switches was when I deliberately tripped them each in turn, to find out the maximum machining area possible, which turned out to be around mm x mm or so from memory.

NcStudio help needed. | Factory Daily

neglish Also I am a little puzzled my machine is L x W x H but in ncstudio the setting don’t say the same i have added some screen copies Does this schematic tell you anything regarding what I should choose for a breakout board?


You should have several emails Julien, 3 with attachments, one I forgot to attach! I have Ncstudio V5. I will take a screenshot of the option we used before everything went wrong to give you a better idea.

NcStudio help needed.

XXX so it might was the issue used not the proper version. Englsih for this Thread nottheny-z. This is issue has been solved by installing NC Studio 5. I believe thers some settings issue. This function only can set the Z?

I going to send you what I have, but again I find nothing in them about why limitswitch ignored. My XJ spindle inverter uses voltage modulation. Thanks Ian, will try tomorrow what Victor said and if it doesn’t work i will PM you. I’ll have to have a look at mine tomorrow after ncstudio v5.4.53 english setup, I’m not sure what the Advanced MDI Menu is, but the Move to Reference sounds awfully like the calibrate option which was just mental when I used it from the buttons assuming I remember it correctly?

I put the the controller card into my computer and turned on the computer.